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Kids, Summer Camp and Coronavirus

Many families with growing children have long used summer camp as growth tool for development, a way for kids to learn social skills, independence, resilience, confidence and teamwork.  But this year summer camp is probably going to look a whole lot different due to COVID-19. A lot of parents have questions about whether or not camp is even an option this year and how can they can provide the structured learning and seemingly limitless activities to keep anxious kids occupied and happy. Karen Meister, a lifelong camp participant, counselor and now Advisor for Camp Experts And Teen Summers, joins Donna to discuss the wonderful benefits of summer camp and what summer camp will look like in 2020 under the restrictions and guidelines of COVID-19. Will kids be “zooming” this summer in a virtual summer camp? Will there be bubble wrap sleep-away camp communities with stringent protocols like Coronavirus testing? Would kids be unenthusiastic about virtual camp since they’ve mostly been homeschooling at computers every day? Karen reveals innovative ideas camps have come up with to create a fun, safe, and inspirational environment for kids from all over the world.  Taking inspiration from television shows that have performances in guests’ homes, camps are creating theater productions and classes on fashion design much like the TV format we see today. Summer camp may look a lot different this year, but the benefits are still very much available to kids and families. 

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