Why Choose Camp Experts/Teen Summers?

At Least 8 Good Reasons

Karen and her team help make the process of planning everything summer so easy.  Think of her as your big sister, the one you like!!  The one who takes care of everything and you get to just ride along!!

AT NO CHARGE, with complete confidentiality, and the support of an international consulting firm in business since 1987, Karen and her team will spend the time to get to know you and the whole family.  And then, they will:

  1. Research and provide a list of programs that will meet your needs.

  2. Contact them to have materials sent to your home.

  3. Review all the materials with you to identify the pros and cons and help you narrow down to the top two or three.  And if you need help with your teen, she talks “GOOD TEEN”!

  4. Make cyber-introductions with the programs to either have a zoom call, come visit you at home or set up tours for you to visit the camp. 

  5. Help you make the final decision.

  6. Walk you through the pre-camp jitters and preparation issues.

  7. Help you during the summer when you are challenged by your empty nest.

  8. Guide you through the re-entry process when your child or teen returns.

Why choose Camp Experts & Teen Summers?  Your kids will be happy and so will you.