Camp 2021 Open For Business

2020 camps that opened set the plan for a successful Summer 2021.GMA Article

Last summer, several camps received the Green Light from their states to open. Incredibly stringent, as dictated by the camp owners, Camp Experts & Teen Summers, the American Camping Association and the individual states, many camps did open. Based on the promise of abiding by these rules, Camp Experts & Teen Summers sent many kids to camp during the Covid Crisis of 2020. 

The kids that went away grew accustomed to mask wearing outside of their "pod family", removing their masks when only with their pod, and moved on to enjoying normal life at sleep away camp.

As we move towards the summer of 2021, there are many lessons that have been learned, a continuing fear of the unknown and yet, a greater sense of confidence in allowing your children to escape the daily fears and warnings and return to sleep away camp.

For summer 2021, the numbers will still need to be limited in order to provide proper distancing to avoid transmission. Early registration will be critical to secure a spot at the camp that fits your needs. The best opportunities are available in the northeast and midwest, which will tend to keep the cabins cooler at night providing proper ventilation in the evening. 

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