They Stayed At Visiting Day

It’s their first summer at camp and you were a nervous wreck.  So you signed them up for a half season.  You get to visiting day and your children have had their family meeting with each other in preparation for your arrival.
They give you big hugs and kisses, accept all the presents.  They show you everything they have done.
Then they burst out in unison….


Now what??  You approach the camp director with this wonderful dilemma and the director says…. of course!  We would really love for them to stay.  They have been the greatest campers and we would love to have them stay for the rest of the summer.

Wow!  What a turn of events!  Things could not have made you happier of course because you were so nervous they would not be able to make it for the whole summer.  In fact, everyone seems to have been just fine.  If you, the parents!!

If this happened to you, let me know.  It happened to me when I was a kid visiting my sister at sleepaway camp.  With only the clothes on my back, I staye for the remainder of the summer.  Clothes were borrowed and sent from home a few days later.

Tell me your stories.  Send pictures and stories to

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