Family/School Time

Year-Round Programs: Tutors, Gap and Family Options

2-kids-studying.jpgYear Round Tutoring  - We service kids and make life easy for parents.  We have therefore, found a terrific collection of local tutors that can help your student with everything from reading to math; sciences to history; SAT and ACT prep and more.  

College Counseling and Essay Writing  - Starting in 8th grade, we work with a series of counselors and essay writers that help prepare your student for the future college applications.  Strong, talented, and at every price point, we can help you find the right provider.  And if you already work with a college counselor, make sure to check with us on augmenting the counselor's plans with summer experiences that help create a wonderful life as well as better material for the applications.

Gap Semester and Year Programs  - That year between high school and college can certainly be a year of growth and exploration.  It has become very popular to consider this as an option for so many reasons.  If you are prepared to explore this option, we have vetted many programs around the world that offer expansive programs in safe, secure and age appropriate environments.

Adult and Family Vacations  - Have you ever taken a look at the teen tour itineraries and say "I wish I could go on one of these programs?"  Well you can.  We have unique relationships with so many of our child and teen providers that we can help you find a family vacation that just feels so great!  From family camp, family vactions and community service programs to family specialty programs, we can match you up with the right opportunity.