Summer Travel Abroad

Despite your trepidations, you have decided to let your teen travel abroad.  See the world, broaden their horizons, experience a new culture, think outside the box.  And yet, we are living in crazy times.  

No one can take away that anxious knot in your stomach when you say goodbye to your beautiful baby.... and yet, knowledge is power.  Your first step of course, is to make sure that whatever progam your teen will be attending has been vetted appropriately.  At Camp Experts/Teen Summers, we pride ourselves in making sure that the organization runs safe, secure and tested programs for our clients.  However, you also want to be on top of the information provided when it comes to the world at large.

So here are a few do's and don'ts:


1.  DO NOT get your facts from any element of headline media.

2.  DO dig deeper into the facts and the specifics of any headline presented.

3.  DO keep this website handy to check on the details of particular areas: US Government Alerts & Warnings (

4.  DO have this contact information from the program in which your teen has enrolled:  

  • 24-hour number of the program,

  • the name of the program director or staff member overseeing the program,

  • e-mail,

  • website, and blog location.


5.  DO NOT infuse your child with fear, but do share their responsbility towards a sense of awareness and caution.

6.  DO make sure that your teen has access to international communication with you in time of emergency.

7.  DO NOT call your teen to chat.

8.  And finally, DO wish your teen a bon voyage, shower them with love and all of the confidence that their time overseas will be phenomenal.  


And if you believe in prayer, no harm.....  To all, a very safe, healthy and enjoyable summer....

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