Tips on Letter Writing to Your Kids at Camp

Great Letters come with a bit of effort and creativity.  Not every letter has to be the greatest, but put the effort in at least once a week.

There are a couple of categories to consider:

1.  Current Events
This is certainly a summer of many current events.  Depending upon the age of your child, you can include information about:

  • the Olympics

  • baseball stats

  • elections

  • scientific discoveries

2.  Humor
There are many ways to make your child laugh during the summer.  For example,

  • write from a different persepctive such as the family pet

  • share a little something funny that happened during the day

  • pretend like you are one of their favorite cartoon characters

  • make up a poem

  • start a game with them so that they are encouraged to write back to play the game

  • interesting things you found under the bed, in the closet or behind the desk while cleaning

3.  Send a book and read together
If you and your child are both reading the same book, you can talk about the book and thoughts on particular characters.

If you have thoughts, share as well.

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