October Means Summer


OK.  So the buzz is that you have waited too long, any camp that still has space is not a real good one, and you feel terrible because you missed the window again.  You want the best for your kids, you definitely don’t want to settle and yet they are getting older and really should be going to camp already.

What’s a mother to do?

Relax….  There are so many great camps and although your friends may not know of them, other people do.  And they love their camp.  In addition, remember that at this time of the year, camps are in the marketing business.  The thought that a camp is low in supply, so early, MUST mean that they are a great camp.  Right?  Camps do love for that information to be spread around. It just allows the price to continue to go up…. Ugh!  So when you hear a camp is full, remember four things:

  1. a certain age group and gender may be full for the moment, but not the entire camp

  2. the camp may not be accepting children from a certain geographic area any longer

  3. although full today, the camp is going to release spaces by a certain date

  4. it just is not true

And the reality is, if everyone is going to the same camp in the area, do you really want to spend all that money to send your child to camp with the same kids they are with all year long?  You know my philosophy — let them separate.  Not only from you but from their friends.

There is a camp for your child, budget, location, and interests.  You may not know the name of it yet.  And for many, that is exactly what they are looking for.  Something unique, something wonderful, certainly something safe, but a place where magic can happen.

Now, although panic is not necessary, it is most certainly time to research for this coming summer.  Yes, you can find a camp as late as June.  I place so many children at that late of a date.  But if you can, investigation now is important.  You want to narrow down options to the top two and then bring the children into the decision making.  And in order to get to the top two, you have some homework to do.  Even with the help of a “camp expert”, there is still work on your part.

You must allow yourself about 2-4 weeks to narrow down to the top two camps with enough due diligence to feel comfortable.  If you start tomorrow, that puts you right before Thanksgiving.  And then, right after Thanksgiving, you can hope to meet some camp directors and finalize your enrollment before the new year.

Make sense?

October is the best month to hunt.  No worries.  Just do it!

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