Home for the Holidays?

In one week, the winter break begins, the morning routine will change and a large sigh of relief fills the household.  Everyone can use a slight change to the grind, the routine, the must-dos and the must-haves.  Those delicious children of whom you are so incredibly proud are content waking up in pj's, watching tv, playing on ipads and eating things they probably should not eat right now.

But aahhhhh!!  Let's have a little vacation time.  What a relief.

Talk to me at week two!  All the unwinding and rules relaxation has turned to a slight horror film.  Dishes everywhere, snack wrappers scattered, new toys left on the floor with boxes in some black hole.  Kids getting a bit bored and the chant begins:  "Mommy...mommy...mommy...MOMMY...MOMMY!!!!!!!

What's a mother to do?  Restore order first.  Think of the routine of summer camp with
  • Morning breakfast
  • Room inspection
  • Morning activities - split between movement and cerebral
  • Lunch can be an outing
  • Mandatory rest and reading time (this is mostly for you)
  • Afternoon activities - again split between movement and arts
  • Dinner preparation
  • Family Dinner
  • Evening game night
  • Light out!!!!!

Order restored, bed times can be extended slightly but there is a bed time.  And then start again the next day.

Now I cannot imagine that your future goal, since you probably work at something outside of the home as well, is to be a camp director of your own children.  It is a lot of planning, preparation and can be quite costly.  But you can take this experience to imagine what an entire summer of 12 weeks would be to have the children at home with you.

Gift yourself AND your kids and make sure to plan their summers now or in January.  

Keep checking back to my FB page CampExperts/TeenSummers for ideas on what to do with the kids over the holidays and then, call for an appointment.  It would be my greatest thrill to help you navigate not only Winter Break but special summer experiences for your children.

If you would like to set up an appointment, feel free to email me at Karen@CampExperts.com.

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