School to summer transition coming

The “change” is about to arrive.  Settling into a new routine can be problematic AND enjoyable for the whole family.  So here are some tips to help you and your whole family, transition into summer.

  • Prepare your children.  The last few days of school typically end earlier than standard.  During this time, you can create opportunities to identify changes in the coming weeks as it relates to fun, chores, bedtime and more.  It is important to let everyone know that although their vacation may be starting, your home is not a dumping ground and the parents are not the slaves.

  • Start a countdown. If you are planning a trip or getting ready for camp, highlight the first day of summer break on your family calendar and make it a point to show the calendar to your child each day. Put a big colorful picture of launch day on the calendar as well.  Use a fun activity to figure out how many days are left until the big event starts!

  • Flesh out your “to do” calendar.  Many activities will have to be done before the big day.  Identify the tasks such as shopping, packing, labeling, doctors visits etc.  Make appointments with professionals as well as with yourself and children.  Get everyone on board so there are no surprises.

  • Allow flexibility but also have structure.  The greatest freedom comes from knowing what must be done, what can be done and what times are dedicated to keeping it open.  Without any structure at all, there will be great frustration on everyone’s part.  So make a plan and build in open moments.

  • Safety remains key.  Teachers and camp directors will tell you the greatest fear is during open time at the playground when everyone’s guard is down.  Make sure your child has free time in safe environments and be vigilant, not just when they are in the pool but at all times.

  • Summer programs.  If not enrolled already, summer programs and activities are a great way for a child or teen to break up the summer a bit.  South Florida can get hot, humid and of course, very rainy.  Getting away for as little as one week can be terrific for the whole family.  Contact Camp Experts and Teen Summers today to find programs that still have space for your specific needs.

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