Adults Go To Camp Too

The best parent is the one that is a good role model.  Do as I do!!  Right?

Well, it’s my turn.  I’M GOING TO TENNIS CAMP!!!!

Can’t Wait!!  One of the programs with which I work is right up my alley.  And I MUST GO VISIT to make sure it is good, safe, offers everything they say, clean and more.

For anyone that knows me, even remotely, you know tennis AND camp are two of my greatest passions!  So in usual Karen style, I have to gather my pals to come play with me at camp.  And we are all so excited.

Camp is really terrific for kids and adults providing:

  • Physical Activity – Fresh air, blue skies, and away from a computer

  • Self-Definition - Trying new things, learning to achieve and getting positive reinforcement for those efforts

  • Structure and Clear Limits - A schedule of activities to attend that you can enjoy

  • Creative Self-Expression - Variety of offerings to experiment and explore without fear

  • Positive Social Interactions - Old and new friends who share common interests learning to live as a community

  • Competence and Achievement – Opportunity to enhance skills and feel good about the accomplishment

  • Meaningful Participation - Life long bonds that are made in such a short period of time

Do the right thing for yourself and your kids.  There is a program for everyone that will excite the mind and body.  If you are interested in adult camp opportunities, we can talk next week.  LOL!

Then we will talk about the kids!!  Cyber-hugs and have a great weekend!!  I know I will for sure.


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