Summer 2020 - Unchartered Territory

cooking.jpgIt is certainly hard to imagine our 2020 summer. Enjoy the blessings of being together and yet, enough is enough. Cabin fever may be settling in for all. So what to with the kids when their sleep away camp has been cancelled, postponed or still has not declared. Here is the current update.

Sleep away camps:
Just about every sleep away camp has closed their doors. We are waiting for the final decision from a handful – some who we call green lights (they plan to run) and some that are yellow lights (they plan to run with conditions). Any camp that does open will be starting later than usual if they get to open at all.
Teen Programs:
So many closures. Most college campus programs have closed (I still have a few that are open). Travel programs are planning to start late or not at all. Community service programs are very hesitant to go into any communities that are untested to do work. Travel abroad is outrageously limited.
So this is what I can do for you.
1. If you are still looking to either enroll in a physical program or want to review options, I can help. I know which ones are green and yellow at this time.

2. If you are looking for virtual programs, I am now THE EXPERT. Virtual programming does not mean a return to school. These very clever programs have created virtual summer experiences – with kids and teens from all over the world. They are creating on line “bunks” so there are social components to the 1 – 6 hours per day your child/teen can be engaged based on your need.

3. If you want to look for 2021, we can talk about it now or just wait till this craziness is finally over (praying for a successful summer of 2021).

4. If your teen is graduating and you are nervous about the non-start of college, and want to look at Gap Programs, I have those as well. 

5. Family Camps - they are springing up at sleep away camps that can't open for their traditional season, but are opening cabins to families to enjoy the facilities safely.

You know I have sent cyber-hugs for years, and now they mean more than ever. I am here to help, but am definitely flooded with phone calls. The best thing to do is fill out my information form with your interest and the best time to reach you. 
Let's keep the kids busy this summer and enjoy the opportunities still available for all.
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